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Blue Termination Clinic

Order Abortion Pills from Abortion Clinic You Can Trust. WhatsApp or Call DR Allyssa Now

Same day Termination Medication | New Abortion Branches Now Open‎

Quick Solution to Unwanted Pregnancy. Abortion Up to 20 Weeks. Cheap and Most Effective. Abortion Clinic Open Monday to Sunday. Delivery of Pills on Weekend Available. WhatsApp Us. Abortion Pills Near Me. Same Day Termination. Termination of  pregnancy. Abortion Clinic in City.


Legal Women's Clinic for Same day Abortions, Contraceptives & Family Planning. Free Womb Cleaning. Free Check-ups / Follow Up. Student Discounts 20% Abortion from R500. Currently, our doctor is a female. However, male nursing staff are also present throughout the examination, during and after your Abortion process. 

Order Pills for 

0-26 Weeks

We Deliver Same Day

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Blue Termination SERVICES
  • Emergency Abortion Pills

  • Home Termination Guidance 

  • Termination Clinic That Will Help you

  • Termination of Pregnancy 0-26 Weeks

  • ​From Just 599 for 0-6 Weeks

  • Buy Abortion Pills Get Free 

  • Womb Cleaning Pills and Free Delivery

  • Order Termination Pills Even on Sunday

  • ​Blue Termination Clinic Open on Public Holidays

  • ​Highly Reliable Women's Health Services 

  • ​Privacy Guaranteed. Open 7 Days


From 12 Weeks

Blue Termination Clinic Open from Monday To Sunday. You can Call Now

Order Abortion Pills Now

Up to 26 Weeks

For Same Day, Quick and Friendly Abortion Up to 26 Weeks. Text or Call Us

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